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About Us

ASTEN connects leaders in the STEM engagement space, sharing best practice for the development and delivery of physical exhibits, learning spaces and inspiring programs related to STEM.


Our membership are passionate about curating unforgettable experiences that inspire. With some of the most creative minds in the industry, our conferences are unmissable and unforgettable.

Early and mid-career STEM engagement professionals are encouraged to connect and learn from each other, developing life long, professional connections that support the growth of skills and mobility between organisations in the sector. 


ASTEN spans Australia and New Zealand science centres and museums.

Our Values

Informal Realness – The ability to delve into what worked and what didn't, with less emphasis on self-promotion and without adherence to existing ideologies.

Sharing – Embracing an ethos of open sharing, extending assistance, promoting cooperation and a genuine support for one another's endeavours.

Prioritising Inquiry –Giving precedence to optimising the visitor experience, maintaining a high level of quality and supporting frontline management and operational personnel.

Capability building – Empowering both our audience and fellow members by actively facilitating growth and skills enhancement.

Cultivating Relationships – Establishing connections to bolster organisational resilience, foster optimism, ignite inspiration and build trust.

Advocacy -  Proactively championing the mission of ASTEN and the significant value it contributes to our Australasian organisations and their respective audiences.

Space Supernova

ASTEN Executive
Elected at the March 2023 General Council Meeting

William Peng


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Rebekah Collins

Executive member

Rebekah Collins SparkLab 2018 crop.jpg

Jonathan Shearer

Executive member


Vanessa Gardos

Executive member


Catherine King

Coopted Executive member

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